Pork knuckles
and beer:
two of the many things
the Viennese hold dear.

Pork knuckles
and beer:
two of the many things
the Viennese hold dear.

Welcome to the Schweizerhaus!
Where the beer cheers and
pork knuckles chuckle all day long.

Or at least it sure seems that way any time you look into our taproom or see our servers dart hither and tither, tablets topped with pork knuckles and some playful Viennese jibes to chew on. That’s all part of the vibe, mind you, and part of what makes Schweizerhaus what it is. A convivial place for relishing life’s delights amongst friends. This place thrives when its full of fine guests like yourself. So get out of your daily routine, unwind and enjoy!

Your family Karl Kolarik Unterschrift

11 AM TO 11 PM


A storied tradition
and traditional stories.

You don't just come to the Schweizerhaus to have a laugh, sit and a chat.

You’re here for the food and drink. And there is plenty of that at Schweizerhaus. We’re proud to serve top quality food, homemade and freshly cooked. Always have. And always will.

food & drinks

The beer garden’s in bloom

Quite possibly, the city’s most-celebrated mug

Hanni, Karl & Lydia Kolarik hard at work

The center of our universe

There’s a ring to tasty things with wings

A bit of love in the air 

Whittling away the hours at Schweizerhaus.

That’s just what an inn is for.

Losing track of time and getting away from the daily grind. Day dream all you like, while we’re open: daily from 11 AM to 11 PM, kitchen closes at 10:30 PM. You can take that to the bank — not your drinks, though. They stay here. Speaking of stays, if there’s a certain time that suits your fancy, we do accept reservations. Make yours here, or scroll down further:

book a table

Oh my, how time flies.

More than 100 years ago the Kolarik family took over Schweizerhaus. But our family’s story is just one chapter of many that have taken place at Schweizerhaus worth being retold.

about us

From the success story of our chips to the captivating yarn about the sausage-o-mat, or Wurstomat.

Schweizerhaus has many a tale to tell — if it had a tongue, mind. Some tales are knee-slappers, others are jaw-droppers. We’ve put together the best of the bunch for you to enjoy here.

fun facts

Well, what are you waiting for?
We look forward to welcoming you!

And they dined happily ever after!
Book a table and turn your visit
into a fairytale.

Hardly a worse feeling in the world than walking out of Schweizerhaus without having eaten. No one wants to hear “sorry, there’s nothing available at the moment.” It breaks our heart. Save us and yourself the heartbreak and book a table in advance. If you want to celebrate with a larger group, please use our reservation page.

By the way, all of our food is also available for take-out at our alley counter. Same kitchen hours apply: from 11:00 AM to 10:30 PM. Here, you don’t need to order in advance.

Schweizerhaus maybe hibernating for the winter, but the sun will still shine tomorrow.

And if it doesn’t, ask yourself if the cold and gray of winter is precisely because Schweizerhaus is closed. In all honesty, we don’t have the answers for you. But we do look forward to seeing you back here, beginning March 15th, over some live music and a pint.

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