Schweizerhaus opens its doors beginning March 15th. Through October 31st, we are looking forward to welcoming you daily!

Karl Kolarik’s Schweizerhaus GmbH
Prater 116 • 1020 Vienna
Phone +43 1 728 01 520info@schweizerhaus.at

Open March 15 to October 31, daily 11 AM – 11 PM
Kitchen closes at 10:30 PM

You can also find us on Facebook & Instagram.

We’ve got two ATMs on site, one inside and one right next to the entrance.
If you prefer plastic, that’ll do just fine!

Zoom in for the fastest way
to food, drinks and fun

The journey here is just a short hop,
skip and a jump. The payoff is sublime:
a crunchy pork knuckle and a mug of beer.

By public transportation.

Take the U2 to Station Messe – Prater. Walk down Messestraße and Straße des ersten Mai for 10 minutes and you’re here. You can also take the U2 to Praterstern and walk through Prater park to us.

By tour bus.

From Ausstellungsstraße, turn onto Perspektivstraße and park in the bus parking lot. Now you and your guests are about 5-minute walk down Messestraße and Straße des ersten Mai away from reaching their destination.

By car.

Generally speaking, we advise against coming by car. First and foremost, our beer is just too good. And secondly, the parking situation is not ideal. Your best bet is using a paid parking lot or a parking garage, as Prater park is essentially a car-free zone. Furthermore, you need a parking ticket everywhere in Vienna and to top it all off most areas in the 2nd district are short-term parking zones. From the nearby parking garages, it’s a short walk to our beer garden.

By bike or on foot.

If you’d like to swing by after a bike ride or a stroll through Prater Park, you’ll find us over by Prater Turm, the city’s highest flying swing ride. Like a beacon, it’ll guide you right to the front gate at Schweizerhaus.

Take the Liliputbahn.

The best way to get here is the most-storied: with the Liliputbahn. The mini train has been running from the Ferris Wheel to Ernst-Happel Stadium and back since 1928. It’s impossible to miss your stop: it’s the beautifully sounding “Schweizerhaus.”

We’ve always got something to say.
Even to the media.

From local dailies and TV to YouTube influencers, we’re happy to take some time for our friends and colleagues in the media. Since it does get a bit busy around here, we kindly ask that you contact us in advance. Just send an email to Stefanie Kurzweil from our PR team at: stefanie.kurzweil@cip.at. Thank you!

Schweizerhaus maybe hibernating for the winter, but the sun will still shine tomorrow.

And if it doesn’t, ask yourself if the cold and gray of winter is precisely because Schweizerhaus is closed. In all honesty, we don’t have the answers for you. But we do look forward to seeing you back here, beginning March 15th, over some live music and a pint.

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